My little tax secret! | January 27, 2018

The final countdown, you have until 31st January to pay your tax bill. Do you have the money? If not, call HMRC and speak to them to see if you can arrange a payment plan – don’t bury your head, it will make you feel worse and not help anyone. You really need to call […]

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Final Salary Pension

How to… overpay your mortgage | December 21, 2017

What’s the best way to overpay your mortgage? Here’s a great system that makes it simple to allocate your money in the most effective way.

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Building your House of Wealth | November 22, 2017

I first put the concept of the House of Wealth together in the 90s to give a visual idea of where everything fits in to secure your financial future. It shows the foundations required to take control of your financial life, whether you’re looking to pay off debts or invest. You need the basics in […]

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Piggy bank

The Bank Accounts system | November 22, 2017

This is a great system to automate your money – taking emotional decisions out of your spending and putting YOU in complete control.

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Debt management & the snowball plan | November 20, 2017

When it comes to managing your debt, the first and most important rule to remember is: don’t panic. There are millions of people struggling financially in the UK, and the country itself is in a massive amount of debt. What you need to do is take charge, take control, and put a clear plan in […]

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Saving for a home: it’s all in the mindset | November 2, 2017

The bad habits we learn It’s hard for individuals to manage money well if the country as a whole doesn’t manage money well. I liken it to being a child with constantly overspending parents who are always in debt; you can easily pick the same habits up. The country isn’t leading a good example, we’re […]

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How to make financial independence automatic | July 19, 2017

Helping clients to make the right choices for regular savings and lump sum investment is one of the key roles of financial planners.  Making the wrong choices can cause serious financial detriment and this consequence, together with relative complexity over the choices and difficulty in “self-serving” the answers, are the three key components underpinning most […]

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