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How to be financially well organised, clear your debts and have financial freedom

How do you want to spend the rest of your life?

Financial planning is critical to living the lives we want to live, yet most of us receive little or no education on how to properly manage our money. We have to change that. Household debt in the UK is approaching levels last seen before the financial crisis, and we all still remember what happened next.

Knowing where to start is often the biggest hurdle. But realising you need to make a change is a great first step.

My proven process drives you down the road to financial freedom. Success looks different for everyone – my process works because it is driven by YOU. My goal is to help at least 1 million people to achieve financial freedom, freedom from the worries of money.

The best time to start planning was yesterday, the second best time is today.

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As a founder of Lexington Wealth, I have been named as one of the UK’s leading financial advisers in recent years, and in 2017 I won the Prestigious "Financial Planner of the Year" Award, ahead of thousands of other wealth managers across the country. I’m also featured in the following: