Step 5: Invest – Retirement planning success

I want to set you up for investment success, but first of all, I need you to understand a few things, some of which may be new to you.

When you invest, you are putting your hard earn capital at risk to grow in value, because your money will fluctuate in value and is at risk, we need to listen to the people who have studied this, intelligently, for a living.  I will walk you through, step by step how to invest wisely.

First of all, when investing there are three main considerations;

The clearer we can be with our decisions, the better our investment experience is likely to be.

The term of the investment is how long we plan to have our investment capital committed to the investment, we need to know when we plan to access the capital, or receive the income from the capital invested, before we start investing.  We don’t need to be specific with a date, but we need to know approximately how many years this will be.

The longer the time frame, the more enjoyable our experience is likely to be.

We also need to know the level of risk we are willing to accept with our capital.  We typically define this as ‘how much could the value of our investment fall in value, before you would begin to feel uncomfortable.’

These two decisions are often related, as risk and term can be related.

I have built a business purely to offer you the best investment solutions on the market.

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