Step 4: Debt – How to get out of debt fast

Use my snowball repayment method to pay off your debts

Worldwide savings rates are scarily low, people just don’t save anymore.  A survey by the Money Advice Service has found that four in 10 adults in the UK do not have £500 or more in savings. Another survey by ING bank suggests 28% of UK adults have nothing at all in the bank.  These are scary statistics and if this is you, the pages that follow this site and my book ‘The Money Plan’ will give you the tools and skills to change this, now and forever.

Knowing these statistics explains why bankruptcies among over-65’s rose by 470 per cent between 2001 and 2011, to 1,972 people a year, the Debt Advice Foundation figures show. Bankruptcy is not often associated to retirees, bankruptcy is linked to high risk business people who have unfortunately hit upon tough times.  But not anymore, read the statistic; 470 per cent increase in the 10 year period for the over 65’s.  These aren’t high risk entrepreneurs building a business, they are common, normal people, like you and me.  Bankruptcy is the chronic illness that is caused by the lack of financial education.

The size of the debts has also increased; an over-55 borrower has 36 per cent more unsecured debt than two years ago, according to the insurer Aviva.  These are serious figures, where the typical retiree with unsecured debt now owes £23,188, up from £22,401 this time last year.

If you have unsecured credit card debt and loans, the snowball debt repayment system I use with my clients can help you become debt free in the fastest possible way

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