What People are saying…

“I’m confident that his recommendations to clients are based on thorough needs analyses linked to lifelong cash flow
requirements and his clients’ interests are always uppermost.” Paul Etheridge, MBE, TD, JP, MBA CFP – Founder of the Institute of Financial Planning

“In The Money Plan, Warren Shute has laid out a step by step guide to achieving financial mastery. No matter what stage you are at in your personal finance journey, this book will help you take the next step, and then the one after that, until your financial future is secured.” Pete Matthew – Chartered Financial Planner, Founder of the MeaningfulMoney Podcast

Warren Shute is a Chartered Financial Planner with a unique skill set of communicating complex mallers clearly. Warren recently held a pensions seminar al Barclays Bank Plc which we are very happy with and was well received by those attending. Barclays Bank Plc

“Warren has been very helpful in helping us structure our investment approach. While we still have a long way to go, I’m confident that Warren will continue to be able to help us as we become more sophisticated in our strategies.” James M, West Sussex

“Warren is the sounding board and ideas person I need on my team. I earn it and Warren has helped me over the years to design a strong financial future. A brilliant Professional and someone I now consider a close personal friend. I highly recommend him. If you want to you can call me and I will tell you this personally!” Michael T, Cheltenham

“We recently invited Warren to speak to our London office team about financial planning as part of the company’s efforts to encourage people to appreciate how valuable good financial planning can be, in their own lives. Even though we are an investment firm, not everyone here is as engaged with their personal finances as they could be and Warren’s simple approach to the basics, and engaging presentation style has inspired many people to examine their situation and take action.” David Jones, Vice President at Dimensional Fund Advisors

“Warren gave an engaging and interesting presentation to Yes Group Cardiff on his 5-Step Money Plan process, I really liked the way he spent time to engage with the group, and linked the practical, logical steps of finance with the psychology of beliefs about money – I highly recommend him and I am looking forward to reading his book The Money Plan” Ken Abram, Chairman Yes Group Cardiff

“Warren is not your normal financial advisor. He approaches my situation holistically, is firm & personable & knows what he’s doing.” Bruce H, Enfield

“Warren is a trustworthy individual that will create the very best opportunity for your success. I would recommend his services to anybody that wants a real expert in the field of finance.” David B, Andover