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How likely is the world to witness the next financial crash in 2019/2020?

When we speak about the future direction of the stock market, we are always guessing, we really don’t know with any confidence or certainty what will happen to the markets in 2019/20, we may have a feeling, based on the news articles we read, but if we read a different set of articles we’d have a different outlook about the market direction.

December 19, 2018 Handy Guides, Market Commentary, News

Taking Stock: Brexit and the markets

There’s been a lot of economic modelling in the news lately as the Brexit debates roll on. Steering well clear of any politics, what’s the potential impact of next week’s vote in parliament on the markets and our investments? The possibilities outlined by Mark Carney were stark – but it’s important to remember he was talking about the worst-case scenario, the extreme that might occur according to his modelling.

December 4, 2018 Events, Investing & Pensions, News

Christmas markets aren’t the only ones to watch

If you started getting financially organised using my book this year, then you should have set yourself some outcomes in January. Those following the plan should have financial foundations in place, including a will, lasting power of attorney and an emergency reserve of cash. Some people will be in the phase of paying down their debt; others will be considering investments and saving for the future, which often means investing in the stock markets.

November 28, 2018 Market Commentary, News

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