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Tax Return 2018

2016/17 Self-Assessment Tax Return As we are now in a new tax year, some people will already be preparing their 2017/2018 tax return for submission to HMRC. However, others will still not have submitted their tax return for 2016/2017. These people may have already incurred a £100 penalty. However, they can avoid additional penalties if…

April 24, 2018 Handy Guides
Help to Save Scheme

Help to Save Scheme

Have you heard of the brilliant new savings scheme being offered by your government, to help you save?  You really should consider this if you qualify.  It’s called the Help to Save Scheme. The Help to Save scheme is a new government saving scheme to support working people on low incomes to build their savings. Basically it…


IR35 – the recent tax case of Christa Ackroyd Media Limited and the Commissioners for HMRC

In a recent tax case, Christa Ackroyd Media Limited and the Commissioners for HMRC, Christa Ackroyd (the taxpayer) lost her appeal against HMRC’s decision that she was caught by IR35. This is the first of what’s expected to be a number of high-profile appeals involving television presenters and IR35. Do you run a personal services company? …

March 11, 2018 News

Take the penalty out of Self-Assessment

Self-Assessment submission and self-assessment personal tax is a tricky thing to add into the equation, especially when you have a business and personal life to manage, and here at, we want to help. I guess my Facebook live update on 27th January reached the 10.7 million people who submitted their self-assessment tax returns before…

stock market

Volatile markets and a sunny economy

Although we have experienced a little volatility in recent weeks, the overall outlook for the economy looks pretty sunny, more than I can say for the weather outside my window!  But hey, my wife keeps reminding me it’s February what do I expect!  So the overall economic outlook should support equity prices for a while, particularly if investors take…

February 19, 2018 Market Commentary