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To Bit or Not to Bit: What Should Investors Make of Bitcoin Mania?

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are receiving intense media coverage, prompting many investors to wonder whether these new types of electronic money deserve a place in their portfolios. Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin emerged only in the past decade. Unlike traditional money, no paper notes or metal coins are involved. No central bank issues the currency, and […]

February 8, 2018 Investing & Pensions
Charity giving

Charity Giving and Tax Saving

We all know someone who has been affected by cancer and prostate cancer affects 1 in 8 men in the UK!  When I heard this statistic I was shocked! So, Nicky, Olly, Bella, Monty and myself decided to join forces with some good friends and take part in a 7-mile walk, from Luton rugby club, […]

February 2, 2018 Handy Guides

My little tax secret!

The final countdown, you have until 31st January to pay your tax bill. Do you have the money? If not, call HMRC and speak to them to see if you can arrange a payment plan – don’t bury your head, it will make you feel worse and not help anyone. You really need to call […]

January 27, 2018 Organisation
The Money Plan

Secret to quadruple your retirement pot!

If I could share a secret, which would show you how you could double or maybe quadruple your retirement savings, you’d be interested right?  Read on… Quadruple Your Retirement Savings? The HSBC global retirement survey ‘The Future of Retirement – A New Reality’ show that on average, people who have a plan for retirement not […]

January 23, 2018 Investing & Pensions

Goals – progress update

We’re into 2018 how’s it started? How are the new year resolutions, the goals you set yourself for the coming months and years ahead, any good? Setting goals and reading them every morning and every night before you fall asleep will help you stay on course. So whether it’s January 1st or August 27th the […]

January 16, 2018 Goals

FTSE 100 Review

The FTSE 100 has undergone its latest quarterly review. FTSE Russell, the providers of the FTSE 100 and related UK indices, has announced the results of its quarterly review.  This was based on market values on 28th November and will take effect from Monday 18th December. As far as the FTSE 100 is concerned, there are three […]

December 8, 2017 News
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