Back to school funding: grandparents get top marks

Grandparents can make a real difference to their grandchildrens’  futures by helping with the costs of education. With the cost of a 3 year university course topping £50k*, grandchildren could otherwise be faced with a sizeable debt on leaving university, or worse, could be put off going altogether. 

The right combination of trust and investment wrapper can quell any concerns grandparents may have about handing large sums to their grandchildren at a young and impressionable age. An offshore bond held in a discretionary trust combines the necessary control with a tax efficient investment solution to meet education costs. 

The satisfaction of giving 

Many grandparents often leave money in their wills for their grandchildren. But by making that gif18

Utilising the Normal Expenditure out of Income Exemption
How much can I pay into my pension?

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