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Legendary music producer Quincy Jones has loaned his name to a new ETF tracking companies involved in any aspect of ‘online streaming of entertainment’.  There are plenty of other ‘niche, thematic’ ETFs currently available such as;

Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index – This ETF has grown to $82.9m, despite a comedown from its’ high.

Millennials Thematic – Growing up investing in the unusual ‘avocado on toast’ companies.

The Obesity ETF – designed to profit from the worlds swelling waistlines – from treatment for obesity to plus-size clothing lines.

Inspire Global Hope Large Cap – focused on ‘biblically responsible investing’

Sprinted Funds/ETFMG Whiskey & Spirits – focused on the brown liquid and relaying on a party!

When it comes to investing, as funny as these are, simple, is intelligent check out Lexo – our online investment platform for intelligent investors.

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