• UK consumer debt is at £1.630.1 billion
  • Consumer debt has risen 19% in the last 5 years
  • Student debt has doubled to £100.5 billion in the past 5-years
  • Council Tax arrears have increased 12% in the last 5-years
  • Households in the UK are the second most indebted nation in the G8 at 150% of income (above USA and Italy)

Source: The Guardian UK Debt Crisis, Bank of England September 2017

The CIPD believes that helping people to navigate their financial well-being means that financial concerns are kept to a minimum and employees can focus on the work that brings them personal fulfilment. Alongside a physical well-being strategy. They have laid down seven key initiatives to meet this, one of which is financial education.



The presentation is based on the 5-Steps Warren covers in his bestselling book "The Money Plan", which in summary are;

Step 1 – Know what it is you want; how to clarify your outcome.

Step 2 – Get financially well organised; from personal banking, to children’s pocket money.

Step 3 – Review your financial foundations and have a plan; 3 essential points, 5 optional.

Step 4 – Repay your unsecured debt fast; using the snowball effect.

Step 5 – Investment; how to intelligently secure your retirement income.

In addition to this, the presentation can be tailored to suit your company's specific pension contributions etc, just let us know anything else you would like to be covered.


"We recently invited Warren to speak to our London office team about financial planning as part of the company’s efforts to encourage people to appreciate how valuable good financial planning can be, in their own lives. Even though we are an investment firm, not everyone here is as engaged with their personal finances as they could be and Warren’s simple approach to the basics, and engaging presentation style has inspired many people to examine their situation and take action."
David Jones, Head of Financial Advisor Services EMEA, Vice President at Dimensional Fund Advisors

"Warren gave an engaging and interesting presentation to Yes Group Cardiff on his 5-Step Money Plan process, I really liked the way he spent time to engage with the group, and linked the practical, logical steps of finance with the psychology of beliefs about money - I highly recommend him and I am looking forward to reading his book The Money Plan."
Ken Abram, Chairman of Yes Group Cardiff

"Warren is a Chartered Financial Planner with a unique skill set of communicating complex matters clearly. He recently held a pensions seminal at Barclays Bank which we are very happy with and was well recieved by those attending. I would happily arrange more of these types of seminars with Warren as our expert"
Aaron Fitzpatrick, Barclays Bank Plc

"I’m confident that his recommendations to clients are based on thorough needs analyses linked to lifelong cash flow requirements and his clients’ interests are always uppermost."
Paul Etheridge MBE TD JP MBA CFP, Founder of the Institute of Financial Planning

"I was a little nervous getting Warren to speak to my team as I didn’t want them to think that we were preaching from on high about finance… however Warren blew them away – they were well up for it and totally engaged throughout with questions from everyone from the placement student to the consultant. I have had some really good feedback from the team and they are grateful to us showing some corporate responsibility to this issue of managing money. The only advice I would give to anyone else having Warren speak at your event is to give him more time the questions kept coming!"
James Neil, Dalcour Mclaren


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