The Money Plan™
Clear your debts, secure your tomorrow and live for today

This bestselling book takes you through my five-step proven process to put you in control of your money.


If you’ve ever wondered why some people make money easily, enjoy great holidays, have nice things and retire rich, while others always seem to struggle, it’s not because they are more intelligent or just lucky. It’s simply because they have better beliefs about money and a system that works. In this practical book, I share my proven plan so you can clear your debts, secure your tomorrow and live for today.

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Read some recent reviews:

“Wow, this is a must read book regardless of your wealth status. Written in simple and clear wording making the concepts provided so simple to implement. This is now my bible for how to plan not just for now but for my future. It’s great to see an author that understands the needs to provide simple approaches to financial planning that can be understood by us simple folk, with no difficult academic jargon. I honestly can not fault the contents. I will read this again and again until it becomes my natural thought process to my money planning.” James Gilmour

“This is an excellent book that contains fabulous practical advice about getting in great financial shape. I am fortunate enough to have seen this advice work first hand because Warren is my Financial Planner and has been for over 15 years which is why I am so comfortable, enthusiastic and passionate to recommend this book to people looking to master their own money plan. The best thing you can do to master your money situation is to speak to Warren Shute. However, the second best thing is to read this book.” Michael Tipper

“An exceptionally well written guide to taking control of your personal finances. Highly recommended reading for anyone who wants to get better with their money.” Martin Bamford

“Warren Shute is a very experienced and highly qualified financial adviser who has managed the seemingly impossible task of condensing his twenty year’s of accumulated knowledge and wisdom into a great little book, that is very accessible – even to those with no experience of financial planning. The education system in the UK does a very poor job of equipping young people with the knowledge and skills they need to take control of their finances. So, although this book would be useful at any stage of a person’s life, I can’t think of a better gift for a young person at the start of their career, needing to establish a sound financial plan and good habits around money. Highly recommended.” David R Jones

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